What is Birth Photography?

What is a birth session and what does it cover?

My birth sessions cover your entire birthing experience, from active labor, through the first few hours of your new baby’s life in a beautiful and real documentary style. I capture your journey through labor, your baby’s first breath and first cry, cutting the cord, your first expression when you see her face, and everything about that brand new bundle of joy and each one of her first precious and incredible moments of life.

Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth photography is perhaps one of the most important types of photography out there! Birth is by far one of the most defining and most treasured and memorable life events that you will ever experience. There are certain moments of life that deserve to be professionally documented through fantastic photography….your wedding day, the birth of your babies, and your children’s milestones. Often people do not think to reserve a birth photographer because birth can be such a private event, however, afterwards many regret not having better photos to remember such a momentous life occasion by. Often, families leave the job of taking photos up to the Dad, nurses, doulas, or midwives, but then find that the other members of their birth team get quite busy with their own designated jobs and photos become more of an afterthought (I know, this unfortunately happened to me!). Birth photographers sole role is to focus on capturing every precious moment so your team can focus on what they were meant to focus on. The memory and experience of the birth can often be blurry for a mother because she becomes so focused on the work she is doing to birth her child. Looking back and remembering the birth journey and experience through a different lens can help the mother value and embrace her journey even more. And that brand new baby freshly born…such a fleeting moment and one that fades so quickly, but so very worth being professionally preserved through beautiful photography!

Why should I hire YOU to be my birth photographer?

It is important to hire a birth photographer who has experience around birthing mothers and knowledge of the birth process. Experienced birth photographers know the demeanor to have in the birth space, how to respect and work with care providers, and how to sensitively document the story of birth. I have attended many births in a variety of environments (hospital, home, and birthing center) and have a vast knowledge of the many scenarios that arise during birth. I have such a great respect for birthing mothers and the birth process itself. After having had my two children completely naturally at home, I understand the incredible amount of focus, privacy, energy, and commitment the laboring mother must have. I am experienced in the use of only natural lighting, in very dim lighting situations, so as to not disturb the mother with flashing camera lights or lots of equipment and I make every effort to do nothing to interfere with the natural birthing process and rhythm that the mother is in. I love being a fly on the wall and would never interfere in your journey but simply document it within your sacred space. I use the best equipment available to ensure your images are technically beautiful no matter the environment.

I want excellent birth photography, but price is an issue for me. Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. The majority of my clients love to take advantage of personalized payment plans. I also offer baby registry options so that friends and family can contribute to your birth photography fund as a baby shower gift for you and your baby! Awesome, right!? I know I would put that as #1 on my registry! Simply contact me and we will talk about what your needs are and how to make birth photography possible for your family.

Why is birth photography so expensive?

Birth photographers commit weeks of time to living on call. No leaving town, phone on day and night, and often even miss important family events, even birthdays and holidays, all for the passion and love of helping you welcome your baby. Birth photographers are some of the most skilled in the industry as they have to have knowledge on how to produce excellent quality of images in the very difficult and often dark lighting situations that mothers often birth in. Your birth photographer should have top of the line equipment to produce excellent results. Think of the standard price range of wedding photography. Birth photography comes at a similar price range, and often even more as weddings don’t usually occur in the middle of the night on a surprise date that you cannot plan for for an unknown number of hours or even days!

How long does it take to get my photos?

Because of the large number of photos that a birth session yields, photos can take 4-6 weeks to be delivered depending on my schedule! Do not fret…I provide a fully edited announcement photo the day of delivery for friends and family and social media and post my favorites for you as I go, and I write your birth story in a beautiful photo based blog post for you to share with friends and family.

How much does it cost?

Visit my pricing page here for a general pricing outline and contact me for a full pricing guide and with any other questions or special requests you may have. I know birth photography generates many questions, don’t be shy to ask!