“Lori Martinez photographed my birth and herbal bath. She was FANTASTIC and I am SO glad we hired her. Afterward, my husband even said, ‘wow, I am so glad we did photos!’ That says a lot coming from a guy ;-). She is so sweet, genuine, and is an exceptional photographer. Hire her for your birth!! You won’t regret it.”  -Breanna


“What an amazing gift you have given our family!  I could thank you a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough. For my family, having this be our last baby, it is especially sweet.  All of my babies are in the pictures and that means so much to me.  You captured not just the moments, but a whole families love for each other.  Thank you again. And again. And again.”   -Rebecca


“I could go on forever about this beautiful day in my life and try to convey the feelings and emotions that were present. I however, had an amazing photographer that captured so much of that to help me tell the story. The best decision I made was to invite Lori to photograph my birth. While the experience is so fresh right now, I know memories fade and I’m so thankful to have these beautiful photos to look at and remind me of the day that changed my life forever.” -Keely


“I couldn’t recommend Lori Martinez for birth photography more strongly. She was personable, private, and went the extra mile. Bless her heart, she stayed with us until 3 am and came back at 8am with young kids at home and in her second trimester, but never complained. Now, we have all the moments I never wanted to forget captured for our safe keeping and reminiscing. Thank you!” -Brandy


“Where can i begin? Lori is extremely talented and creative! She is very kind hearted and caring, not once did I doubt her. I recommend her highly, she makes you feel comfortable and won’t make you feel like a wax statue. My husband and I, are so thankful for all the photographs she has done for us. Not only did she put her heart and soul into every picture to capture that moment, she made us feel comfortable!” -Kim