About the Artist



Photographic artistst | Birth Enthusiast | Mom of three

I began my photography journey in 2011 after the birth of my first baby, as I needed a worthy outlet to capture this amazing little guy that I had been blessed with. At the time, I had never heard of birth photography, but I had experienced the beauty of birth and I knew that giving birth was the most incredible, life changing, empowering, messy, and beautiful experience of my life thus far. With the birth of my son came a passion and love for the journey and beauty of birth and for preserving for mothers and fathers the unforgettable moment that their baby enters the world. There is no moment like that, and it deserves to be beautifully documented! Most of my family and friends think I am either crazy or super awesome because I have had two home births (most say crazy)! I believe in the mother’s power and intuition in the birth process and that every mother should be empowered, honored, and esteemed as the fierce warrior that she is during birth, no matter where or how that happens. God has abundantly blessed me through my passion of photography by allowing me to walk alongside and share in the precious and unforgettable moments of others. I hope to meet you, get to know you, and help you document your beautiful birth story.

All of our beautiful family photos here are done by the talented Britianie Tyler Photography!

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I would love to sit down and share a coffee or tea with you. It is so important to me to really build a genuine relationship with my clients. Your true personality comes through in your photos when you are comfortable with your photographer. Let's get to know each other!